Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Anat Geiger

Join Yin Yoga experts Anat and Marcel in a two week training packed with study, practice, nature and joy

D'Alijo Yoga Retreat Centre, Portugal


13 Oct 2019


27 Oct 2019

€ 2,651.00

Daily practice of asana, study of anatomy, chakra theory and meditation, led by Paul Grilley's assistants Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis.

You will be guided to understand the variations of human anatomy and how to adapt the poses to suit every practitioner, will be guided through the first steps of chakra meditation and motivated to establish a meditation practice of your own.

Anat GeigerThe cur riculum includes:

  • The underlying principles of Yin Yoga
  • 14 Skeletal Segments and their movements
  • Skeletal variations and their importance in teaching yoga
  • Target areas and functional analysis of the postures
  • Yin Yoga postures, their variations and how to teach them
  • Daily yin and yang asana practice
  • Chakra theory and meditation
  • The concepts of karma, samskaras, vrittis and vasanas, and how they relate to our daily life
  • Assisted Yin

In addition, the Chakra studies are based on the teachings of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama and Paramahansa Yogananda.

This is a 100-hour training, recognized by Yoga Alliance.

The cuisine is vegetarian, vegan, organic, local and utterly delicious. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, and supported by a wonderful staff, this training is an unforgettable and transformative experience.

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