Yoga Games Copenhagen 2020 with Esther Ekhart

Esther Ekhart is joining the Nordic Yoga Conference in Copenhagen for the first time, and you are invited for a weekend full of yoga, lectures and workshops. EkhartYogis get 15% off their ticket price.



20 Mar 2020


22 Mar 2020

€ 120.00

Esther Ekhart is joining the Nordic Yoga Conference in Copenhagen for the first time. Please use the link below to book your place and to redeem your discount.

The Yoga Games Copenhagen 2020 offers a wide range of different forms of yoga, interesting lectures and workshops, as well as a mix of international and national presenters, with the goal of providing new experiences and get more people to discover the beautiful world of yoga.

Esther will give the following three workshops during the Yoga Games:

Saturday 21 March 2020:

14:30 : Explore new ways of moving - Vinyasa flow
The session starts with Pranayama, Meditation and a short introduction to the Bandhas. Next we move into a fluid yoga practice in which we practice accessing the Bandhas from the perspective of softening and releasing the area around where you want to feel the lift. Notice your practice transform and experience more lightness and freedom!

16:15 : Let stillness be your nourishment - Yin yoga / meditation 
On a physical level we will nourish and rejuvenate the adrenal glands. During periods of stress our adrenals become taxed and we will use stillness and darkness in the yin yoga poses as therapy to support the adrenals. On a more spiritual level, we will explore two levels of stillness.

Sunday 22 March 2010

16:00 : Free Your Fascia - Hatha Flow
This unique Hatha yoga class helps to free up your fascia - the matrix of connective tissue that wraps and glues everything in the body together. After a 5 minute talk, we begin a creative yoga flow which will get you moving in new and unusual ways. You may be asked to let go of some alignment principles but you'll feel free, alive and 'juicy' after this practice!

How to book

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