Yoga with Esther Ekhart in Edinburgh

The art of being - Learn to bypass the mind, move from thinking to feeling, doing to being. Feel the stillness, rather than think about it. Let everything except stillness move into the background...

Edinburgh, Scotland


27 Apr 2019


28 Apr 2019

£ 40.00

Edinburgh castle

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Escape to Edinburgh for the weekend and absorb yourself in yoga with Esther Ekhart. You can choose to come to single sessions or all four.

Saturday April 27th 2019

10.00 - 12.30 - Explore new ways of moving and being in your Asana practice

The session starts with Pranayama and meditation. Next, we move into a fluid yoga practice that will inspire you to learn ways of moving that may be different to the way you’ve practised ‘traditional' yoga poses, and help you understand what works best for your body. 

We will first focus on the role of the Deep Front Line in facilitating structural integrity, stability and balance. With that support system in place, we'll flow, sway, wave, spiral, shake and tap. Find out how YOUR body enjoys moving and learn some tools for a safe, happy and lifelong practice.

13.30 - 16.00 - "Organise your mind" Yin yoga and meditation session

On a physical level, you will nourish and rejuvenate the adrenal glands. During periods of stress, our adrenals become taxed and we will use the poses, stillness, and darkness as therapy to support them.
On a more mental/spiritual level, you will learn how to leave your experience alone, to let your experience be. This helps to bring about quiet and calm to the heart and mind. Just like a disturbed pool of water, when left alone they will return to stillness. 
Please bring an eye pillow or a scarf you can use to cover your eyes.

Sunday April 28th

10.00 - 12.30 - Bandhas: Work on lightness and stability in your body, and freedom in your mind

The session starts with Pranayama and meditation. Building on the work we did Saturday morning, we now learn to access the deep front line and the structural integrity in the body through accessing the Bandhas. Bandhas are energetic valves in the body, used to bring lightness and stability to the body and freedom to the mind. Notice your practice transform and experience more stability, lightness and freedom!

13.30 - 15.30 - Heart-centred awareness - move into meditation

During this workshop, we will practise movement first - losing the active part of the mind in the flow of the Dragon Dance. Next, we slow down and practise Yin/Restorative poses, and then finally we become still and experience only awareness of the body. This session includes a short discussion about how to set up a meditation practice.

When you start to take this awareness off the mat and into the world and begin living your life from heart-centred, rather than head-centred awareness, you will really begin to enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier and more fulfilled you.

Venue, prices and booking details

yoga studio with mats for Esther Ekhart workshop in EdinburghCost £40 per session or £140 for the full two days.

The workshops will be held at:

YogaNow Studio 
4th Floor, St Margaret's House,
151 London Road,
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

The waiting list for this event is now full. If you are already registered and need information please email the organisers.