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Ekhart Yoga brings you high quality online yoga and meditation classes so you can practise yoga at home.

EkhartYoga is your personal guide for online yoga and meditation with classes from the best international teachers, guided yoga programmes and resources for beginners to yoga teachers.

Try a free yoga class, get to know our teachers, browse through our class library and programmes, explore yoga poses and styles, or read articles on yoga, meditation and lots more.

A subscription to EkhartYoga gives you unlimited access to all our yoga and meditation classes and programmes. Choose from a one-time annual subscription with 20% discount or a monthly subscription with no commitment - your first month is only €1 so try us out today.

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More than 2500 classes and counting

We offer classes with a wide variety of styles, levels and themes. So whether you are completely new to yoga or you have been doing it for years there is something here for you. We upload new classes every day and we have a great team of highly talented and passionate international yoga teachers who ensure we have high quality classes for you.

Guided Programmes

Our online yoga programmes include collections of classes and articles designed to guide you through different aspects of yoga. We have programmes for beginners through to advanced; for those looking to build a regular practice; for specific groups like runners, and progressive programmes to help you move on in your practice. We regularly feature a programme with a specific start date. This way we come together as a community, taking the same classes and enjoying the support of fellow EkhartYoga members around the globe. 


Yoga Articles and Resources

Our library is packed with articles all about yoga, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, recipes, wellbeing and mindfulness. The EkhartYoga team, our teachers and our guest writers all contribute and are passionate about sharing it all with you.

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