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Subscribing to EkhartYoga has been the best choice for my mental, spiritual and physical health. I have established a home practice I look forward to each day.
Member since
April 9th 2017
What I love about the teachers at EkhartYoga is your humanism and your humour... You make me feel okay that I wobble a bit and help me remember why I love yoga - it's so good for the soul.
Member since
May 24th 2018
Esther, you are a true champion to me in the sense that you entered the yoga arena with genuine integrity... Your variety of teachers is phenomenal, I’ve always recommended your site, and you in particular, as a safe online yoga space for people to turn to.
Member since
November 4th 2015
You folks at EkhartYoga always seem to give us the exact class we need. It's like opening a gift just for me. Love and gratitude.
Member since
September 17th 2014
I never cease to be amazed at the outstanding quality of the teachers and teachings here at EkhartYoga. I've lost count of the number of times that I have recommended this online yoga studio to others.
Member since
June 14th 2019

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