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As someone who has struggled with body image issues, I really appreciate this type of connective-tissue focused class that helps me understand my body as something more than the way it looks or even its muscular function. Thank you to the many wonderful EkhartYoga teachers for giving me this space to heal and explore holistic health!
Member since
October 18th 2019
That’s what I love about Ekhart yoga; a class for every mood and feeling. I woke up this morning feeling angry, stressed and tired, and your class was the perfect way to get me rebalanced and to be able to go on with my day in a much calmer frame of mind and body. Thank you so much 🙏
Member since
July 6th 2017
I have struggled with worry all of my life, and your careful intuitive words are so helpful. Always hard to feel that one is “enough” , that’s always been my downfall. Thank you, and all EkhartYoga teachers for being real people with real emotions and authentic practices and teachings…this is why I stick only to EkhartYoga and no other online source.
Member since
May 24th 2018
There was a point towards the end when standing in mountain pose… when I felt my heart melting with compassion. I was wondering what this feeling was, then realised it was love. Love towards my own body. I was bewildered how new this sensation felt to me. You and your classes reconnect something within me that I wasn’t even aware of being disconnected. You make awareness possible and I am in deep gratitude towards you.
Member since
November 4th 2015

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