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David Lurey

Teacher: David Lurey

"With yoga, I have seen a magical transformation in my physical, mental, and spiritual well being" 

David was introduced to Yoga in 1996 as a way to tone his body and relieve work related stress. Using those as a foundation for building an Asana practice, the other limbs of Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga began to unfold leading him to the path of teaching transformational Yoga.

Using various spiritual teachings as guidelines for classes, David takes students through opening and often challenging Asanas while encouraging the magical power of breath and mental stillness to cultivate the true loving nature of the heart.

David's classes invoke the natural elements in Yoga practice to balance active lifestyles with self-reflection and meditation. From 2002 – 2007 he completed a 500 hour training with Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane in Maui, Hawaii.  They inspired David to look deeper into the energies of postures while paying very close attention to the details of physical alignment. He has also studied asana with Rajiv and Swati Chanchani of Old Rajpur, India.  In 2014, David participated in a 200 hr. training with Aadil Palkhivala who has again shined new perspective of the light of Yoga into alignment, meditation and the art of sincere and clear teaching.

His certifications from GreenPath Yoga Studio, David Swenson, It's Yoga, Maya Yoga and Purna Yoga provide a well rounded background in postures, alignment, adjustments, philosophy and history making each class a unique experience. With use of rhythmic breath, music, and intelligent sequencing, his classes create the opportunity for physical presence, inner peace and spiritual awareness while building strength and increasing flexibility.

In addition to asana work, in 2007 David participated in a Green Yoga Teacher Leadership Program and was on the founding Board of Directors for the Green Yoga Association which is still operating to bring more reverence to the planet in all aspects of Yoga.

In August 2008, David became a certified AcroYoga® Teacher and brings the components of Love, Light and Flight to a wide variety of AcroYoga workshops and experiences.  A few years later, he completed AcroYoga Level II training and is honored to be part of this world-wide network of flying monkeys!

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With all of these experiences, David is officially a 500 E-RYT (Experienced Yoga Teacher) with The Yoga Alliance of America.  

Since 2000, David has taught extensively around the San Francisco Bay Area at well-respected studios like Greenpath Yoga, Yoga Tree San Francisco and The San Francisco Bay Club. During his tenure as Assistant Director of Greenpath Yoga, David co-led the Greenpath 200 hour certified Yoga Teacher Training Program with his good friend and studio director, Clayton Horton. He co-created a donation based weekly Kirtan gathering that is still happening and has become a respected Yoga community leader in the Bay Area.

Starting in 2009, David has led his own annual ‘Find Balance Yoga’ Teacher Trainings with his wife, Mirjam Wagner.

David is currently living out a life's purpose to 'Inspire Health and Vitality' by teaching and touring through Brazil, America and Europe sharing the teachings of Yoga.

For more information please visit FindBalance

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