Dear yogi, we’re currently upgrading the website and so will be offline for a short time today. We apologise for any disruption to your practice and, in the meantime, would like to offer these classes for you to practice. We’re working hard in the background so that normal service will be resumed soon. Thank you for your patience.

The route to relaxation

Shake and move your body to release stress and shift your energy. Calm your nervous system with breathing exercises, and learn to settle your mind with meditation. For more classes to help you get to sleep, build strength and relieve tension, click on the tabs below.

We recommend that you start with the movement classes and then add the breathing and meditation classes directly after, or as a separate practice later in the day or when needed.

Come back to the classes that you found most helpful. You might feel the difference immediately but aim to practice at least 2 classes a week over 3-4 weeks for the most effective results.