3 Week Yoga Workout

3 Week Yoga Workout

Work your body from top to toe with 3 weeks of fun, dynamic yoga and movement classes, designed to boost your energy, strength and fitness.

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Celebrate the joy of movement!

This yoga challenge includes 5 feel-good classes each week, all designed to work your whole body in around 20 minutes.

How to take part:

1. Become an EkhartYoga member (if you're not already)
2. Click on the Follow program button above

You can expect lots of variety in this challenge, from 'traditional' Vinyasa Flows, to classes that bring in influences from dance, functional yoga, strength training and natural movement.

Join us for the 3 Week Yoga Workout and:
- Work your body from top to toe
- Improve your strength, fitness and flexibility
- Increase your energy levels
- Boost your endorphins
- Build or maintain your regular yoga habit
- Try out new teachers and approaches to movement

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