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Marlene Henny

Teacher: Marlene Henny

"Yoga helps me to align with who I am" 

Marlene Henny is one of Holland's leading Vinyasa yoga teachers and a certified and experienced Vinyasa (500 hour) and Core Strength Vinyasa yoga teacher.

Marlene also trained in Iyengar Yoga, which she has great respect for, but as she continued further along her yoga journey it was Vinyasa Flow that really captured her heart. She fell in love with Vinyasa Flow when she followed a number of workshops by Shiva Rea and Shiva Rea's Prana Flow teacher training by Twee Merrigan. Marlene leads inspirational classes in The Netherlands and abroad, and is also a teacher/trainer at YogaMoves.

In her teaching Marlene emphasises energetic alignment, creating space in the body and synchronising movement and breath.

Marlene has a unique ability to naturally inspire a deeper understanding of the flow of breath, movement and mindful connections in yoga. In her teaching she emphasizes energetic alignment, creating space in the body and synchronizing movement and breath. She teaches with a clear eye on physical alignment and gives precise guidance on how to work intelligently with yoga. 


Marlene is known for her skill in sequencing and incorporates the influence of her dance training into her teaching. She encourages students to move the body through its entire range of motion on the wave of breath. Marlene has also developed and introduced Coreflow, a Core Strength Vinyasa style of yoga, in the Netherlands and has been teaching this new form of yoga for a number of years. Marlene thoroughly enjoys teaching yoga, connecting with her students and helping them to find their bodies' grace, power and essence.


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