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Esther Ekhart

Teacher: Esther Ekhart


Esther Ekhart has been teaching yoga internationally for over 20 years...

As one of the founders of she has thousands of regular students around the world following her online classes.

Esther also loves to connect personally with her students at regular retreats, workshops, yoga festivals, teacher trainings all over the world and her weekly classes near Amsterdam.

Esther worked for many years as a therapist and has a huge fascination with the human psyche. Through her spiritual studies (including the Clarity Process) and through applying this knowledge in her own life, she found that old conditionings are what hold us back from experiencing the reality of the present moment as it really is. It is this learning that Esther brings into all her teachings. She aims to enable her students to see past their old stories, freeing them up to experience the truth - the moment as it is now.

She loves teaching stronger styles like Hatha or Vinyasa Flow, focusing on strength and stability and fitness. She has just as much love for the slower practices like Yin yoga, Restorative, Meditation and Yoga Nidra that allow you to drop in and get to know yourself better.

Esther feels grateful for her early teachers: Clive Sheridan, who taught her not to take anything too seriously and Taetske Kleijn, with whom she studied the Clarity Process, and also her training and work as a therapist.

As an avid student she is continually evolving her practice through further training and study. Esther is always open to questioning previous teaching methods (including her own) and challenging herself, integrating new learning and insights into her classes.

“Throughout my life, practicing yoga taught me to relax, how to find a way out of worries and stress. Yoga showed me the joys of being fit and strong. Yoga taught me to self-reflect and to accept life as it comes...finally, yoga and my clarity work showed me that there was nothing to ‘find’ and that everything I was looking for is ‘right here, right now.’ And all I could ever ‘do’ was to let go of the bondage that stopped me from experiencing the truth. For that I will always be very grateful to both ‘the path of yoga’ and the ‘clarity process’ and the miracle that life is.”

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