Rose van Ooijen

Rose loves to practice and teach flowy, feel-good yoga classes that allow you to feel like your "best self" - free, open, and at peace in your body.

She is passionate about all things that help people feel their best, and live their happiest, healthiest lives and finds that an integrated approach of yoga, psychology, consciousness and holistic nutrition can be a golden combination. She practices this both personally and professionally through classes, coaching, programs and workshops.

At 16 years old, Rose found yoga in her search for a remedy for anxiety and a way of dealing with her newly discovered high sensitivity. She immediately fell in love with the practice and remembers vividly the feeling of walking out of the studio and resisting the urge to hug everyone and everything in sight! That first yoga class made Rose feel a sense of peace, and ‘at-homeness’ unlike anything she’d ever experienced before – and she’s been hooked ever since.

Since the ripe old age of 12, she’s known she wanted to ‘uplift’ people, and so began a quest for all of the elements that this entails.

Her formal studies include psychology (MSc Psychology of Health), 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training with Esther Ekhart, Holisitic Nutrition and Pranic Healing energy work. She’s found, however, that the deepest learning comes from meditation, spiritual practice, reading, learning from different teachers and deep introspection.

Having grown up in different countries and feeling in her heart more like a global citizen than specifically Dutch, Rose is interested in spreading a message of upliftment, wellbeing and consciousness as far and wide as she can take it.

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