José de Groot

José specialises in teaching Yin Yoga and Anatomy Teacher Trainings. She also has a passion for dance and an interest in philosophy, psychology and Chinese medicine.

In each class you can expect to practise a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, various yoga poses and relaxation. This will help you to let go of stress, to breathe more consciously, to reconnect with yourself and to free any physical, emotional and/or mental tension. By offering personal adjustments and variations for each pose, José enables you to create your personalised and therapeutically beneficial practice with endless possibilities and no limitations.

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José’s passion for dance and interest in philosophy, psychology, Chinese medicine and anatomy, combined naturally when she discovered yoga in 2006. The combination of physical movement, personal growth and insight have led her to use yoga as a holistic way of guiding people to live a happy, healthy, balanced and conscious life.

My goal is to stimulate you to discover, to strengthen, to trust, to accept and to be happy with yourself the just the way you are ~ José de Groot

José’s teachings are inspired by Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese Medicine,  Dr. Motoyama’s work and Adyashanti’s view on meditation. She has been a committed student of Paul Grilley since 2007 and completed several of his Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings (550hYA). José also studied with Sarah Powers and T.K.V. Desikachar.

José teaches various classes, workshops and Anatomy Yin & Vinyasa teacher trainings in Europe. Together with Jordi Ibern, a Reiki therapist, she offers Yin yoga and Reiki workshops and retreats. Additionally, José specializes in Fertility yoga which she developed with Martine Cornelissen, an acupuncturist.

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50hr Yin Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training – a practical and in-depth course to deepen your understanding of Yin yoga and anatomy, and to get a solid foundation for teaching Yin yoga classes.
30hr Yin Yoga and Meridians Teacher Traininglearn how Yin yoga poses can stimulate meridians and balance chi flow, and in doing so, support and enhance overall wellbeing.


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Trust to grow
Trust to grow
José de Groot
Yin Yoga
Can you trust that whatever life throws at you is there to help you grow?To truly surrender and trust is scary. It means letting go of all that you think should or shouldn’t be there. It means letting go of willpower, opinions, doubts and control – stuff that our mind clings to and which literally creates a forcefully upright spine to deal with what is to come. Truly surrendering and trusting means being vulnerable, deeply feeling what life throws at you and being aware of what is triggered inside.It also means trusting your inner wisdom. This is more than 'intuition'; it's a deep knowing or understanding that everything and everybody is connected, that whatever is presented in our lives is exactly how it should be. And that it is an invitation to deeply connect with yourself and to grow from what triggers you.Trusting whatever triggers or affects us deeply are important lessons to learn, and this Yin yoga class can provide a safe environment in which to practice this. It's a space in which you can feel and become aware of what triggers you on a physical, emotional or mental level while being in a pose. And then to be able to let go of what no longer serves you – be it thoughts, behaviour or old patterns – to truly shine and be the star you are!So trust to grow! This practice will invite you to dive deep inside, step out of your comfort zone and stimulate, release and surrender the spine – the physical home of our stamina, energy and source. Make it your intention to really let your triggers and struggles come to the surface, to live through them, to then be able to learn from and/or to let go of them. We'll stimulate the spine – neck, upper back and lower back – using various Yin poses. Be prepared to release emotions along the way. Different options are given for each pose, so it's suitable for everyone. Props needed: two blankets, blocks, bolster and pillow.