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José de Groot

Teacher: José de Groot

"My goal is to stimulate you to discover, to strengthen, to trust, to accept and to be happy with yourself the just the way you are"  

José de Groot, is a caring, enthusiastic and creative yoga teacher, who has been teaching internationally since 2006.

José specializes in teaching Yin Yoga and Anatomy Teacher Trainings. Her anatomical knowledge makes her able to teach Yin and Vinyasa Yoga, with a lot of personal attention.

In each class you can expect to practice a combination of meditation, breathing exercises, various yoga poses and relaxation. It will allow you to let go of stress, to breath more conscious, to reconnect with yourself and to free any physical, emotional and/or mental tensions. By offering personal adjustments and variations for each pose, José triggers you to create your personalized and therapeutically beneficial practice with endless possibilities and no limitations.   

José’s passion for dance and interest in philosophy, psychology, Chinese medicine and anatomy, fell naturally together when she discovered yoga in 2006. The combination of physical movement, personal growth and insight, have led her to use yoga as an holistic way of guiding people to live a happy, healthy, balanced and conscious life.

José de Groot teaches various classes, workshops and Anatomy Yin & Vinyasa Astanga teacher trainings in Europe. Together with Jordi Ibern, a Reiki therapist, she offers Yin yoga & Reiki workshops and retreats. Additionally José specializes in Fertility yoga that she developed with Martine Cornelissen, an acupuncturist. Together they offer Fertility retreats for women who want get and stay pregnant. Currently José is writing together with Johan Noorloos a book on yoga, in which she will explain how you can personalize your yoga practice using anatomy in a practical way.   

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José’s teachings are inspired by Buddhism, Taoism, Chinese Medicine,  Dr. Motoyama’s work and Adyashanti’s view on meditation. She has been a commited student of Paul Grilley since 2009 and completed several of his Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings (350hYA). José also studied with Sarah Powers and T.K.V. Desikachar.

For more information please visit José’s website.

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