Yoga for Beginners Course

Yoga for Beginners Course

Learn the foundations of yoga in this online course with Esther. You'll cover all the most common yoga poses, build strength and healthy flexibility.
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Build the foundations of your yoga practice with Esther Ekhart.

This program is for you if you’re completely new to yoga. Over the course of 6 weeks you'll cover the basic building blocks of yoga so that you can feel confident taking any Level 1 class on EkhartYoga or a regular yoga class in a studio.

Week 1 - We start from the very beginning looking at the basics of alignment, how to use extra props and how to link the breath with movements.

Week 2 - Next we go through the basics of ‘flow’, using Sun Salutations to build up strength in your core and upper body. 

Week 3 - We’ll recap on everything we’ve done so far and then look at the most common standing poses in depth. In the second class of the week, we’ll bring that together and practise the poses in a flow sequence.

Week 4 - Then we'll look at seated poses and some more breathing techniques and how you can use them to energise or to relax.

Week 5 - We'll put everything together in a full sequence with a short meditation to finish.

Week 6 - In this final week, you'll repeat week 5 and also try out some other beginner classes.

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