Empowered Yoga - 3 Week Challenge

Empowered Yoga - 3 Week Challenge

A 3-week yoga challenge of 5 dynamic yoga classes each week plus and a daily meditation. Designed for intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners.

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Give yourself permission to be powerful!

Each week you'll get five 30-minute dynamic and challenging yoga classes in a mix of styles and teachers, plus a short daily meditation with Esther Ekhart.

The Empowered Yoga Challenge will help you build your inner and outer strength as you commit to showing up to your practice and being fully present to whatever arises during it.

"During physical challenges we often turn away from feeling the exhaustion or the work we put in - instead we just try and get through it without being fully present. When you want to empower yourself it's about really trying to stay present to all that you feel. On the yoga mat, for example, try and feel deeply the intensity of what you are doing, the resistance you may feel, the relief when it is over, the happiness that may come from finishing a class and having moved energy.

Turning up and turning towards! That is empowerment for me!" - Esther Ekhart

Who is it for?

The program is designed for intermediate to advanced students who are familiar with the basic principles and poses of yoga.

Being 'advanced' at yoga doesn't mean you have to be able to perfectly execute every pose. It's more about developing body awareness which includes knowing when to adjust or skip poses to suit your body if you need to. We always encourage you to do this!

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