Yoga for beginners


Are you new to yoga?  Or would you just like to be reminded of the basics? 

This is the place to start!

EkhartYoga has a great selection of beginner yoga classes and tutorials with different styles, by the best international yoga teachers.
Take a look at our Beginners Programs below and explore the articles and tips on the website. Each of the Beginners Programs starts with a free yoga class to help you to find the teacher you like and the type of yoga that suits you.

These programs will lead you through the foundational yoga poses, getting you off the chair and onto your mat.

Not sure how to begin? 
Following these 3 easy steps will help you get on track.

  1. For inspiration on how to start your beginner Yoga practice read 8 tips on how to do Yoga at home
  2. Read about the different Yoga styles and levels to give you an idea of what you would like to try first.
  3. Get on your mat and GO!

Beginner Programs
Our Beginner Programs are made up of 5 or 6 online yoga classes, leading up to a full length yoga class.

Next Step Beginner Programs
Once you are feeling comfortable with the beginner series you can move on to our Next Step Beginners Programs. These programs are a great introduction to the level 1 yoga classes on the site. A yogic bridge to the rest of our website.

As with all of the yoga videos on the website: if you have any questions, simply ask us in the comment box below the video or check out our FAQ.  If you feel you need extra help on a particular pose you can also look up our yoga poses library which gives you a step by step guide.

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