Stable body, stable mind

Part four of 'The Koshas' series. Thoughts and beliefs - Vijnanamaya Kosha

At some point in your yoga practice you will make a profound shift: you will no longer experience yoga directly through your body, breath, feelings or thoughts; instead, you will become a witness to this experience. This transition - a step back into being - is the highest teaching in Patanjali's yoga sutras. We will explore how a steady body leads to a steady mind. As we explore the postures, we will mindfully watch as our beliefs, thoughts and stories about what we do and don't like, or what we are and are not good at, pour forth. Then, through steadiness, we will see our mind as a screen (‘chitta kasha’), on which we can invite the unconscious to release or reveal whatever it may want us to see or experience. The talk at the beginning of this video explains the Vedantic presentation of the mind and its four functions. 


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