Working with the body to balance the emotions

Class 3 in the Koshas series - on Feelings and emotions - Manomaya Kosha

The chakras are an ancient presentation of our human experience; we all feel our energy system every day as we experience various hits of emotion (‘energy in motion’), in the body (butterflies in your stomach, a tug at your heart, etc). In this practice we will tend to each of the 7 centres, resting our attention on each one and observing what we feel in our body as we do so. As we become more attuned to each chakra, we are able to listen and respond to the information it presents us. Through movement, breath-work and contemplation, our energy system becomes ever-more subtle, and takes us further towards connecting us to the absolute. The video begins with a short presentation on the principal ‘nadis’ (energy lines in the body) and how the chakras relate to this system. 


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