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Yoga for beginners

Start your home yoga practice with our beginner classes and programmes.

Are you completely new to yoga? Our specially created beginner yoga programmes and classes will guide you through the basics.

Practising yoga at home with EkhartYoga means you can take everything at your own pace. Play, pause and repeat classes whenever you like. If you have questions about anything in the class just ask the teacher in the comments section. We love to hear from you.

Yoga programmes for beginners

If you're new to yoga we recommend you try one of our beginners programmes first. These have been designed by our teachers with absolute beginners in mind so you’ll get detailed instructions about yoga poses, breathing techniques and how to adapt poses to suit your individual body. Our beginners’ programmes usually comprise 5 or 6 classes, building up to a full class. You also get articles and extra tips to support your practice.

Finding the right style and teacher

Try out beginner programmes and classes in a wide variety of styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Meditation. Read about some of the main yoga styles and their different benefits in our Yoga Style Guide.

Yoga comes in many forms and is taught in many ways, so do try a few different styles and teachers to find the right one for you. Feel free to get in touch with our team if you would like any advice about getting started. We are here to help you!

Check out our most popular beginner programmes

We have Beginner Yoga Programmes in lots of different styles. Here are a couple to start with or click the button below to see them all.

Once you’ve tried a programme or two you can find lots more classes for beginners and improvers on the classes page - select Level 1 using the filters or try some All Level classes where options will be given for some poses. 

If you'd like extra help with a particular pose you can ask your teacher questions under the class or take a look at our yoga poses library which gives you a step by step guide, beginners’ tips and variations.

We hope you enjoy the classes and programmes on EkhartYoga. If you have any questions please check out our FAQ, read our New to EkhartYoga guide or feel free to contact us.

Members can also get our free app and download classes to watch offline so you can take your teachers on your travels too.


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