Self love practice

For this class, you just need to bring yourself to the mat and take anything that makes you feel comfortable, such as an extra blanket. Self love is essential if we want to take good care of ourselves yet, for many people, it is the hardest practice of all. To be truly there for yourself, to listen to and feel your body can be much more challenging to some than to practice an intense yoga class. This class will give you a starting point to begin a practice to take care of yourself on a deeper level than just to work out your muscles. You may feel a lot of resistance; feel bored, sad or angry. You can make space for all of those feelings and still do your self love practice. When practiced over a longer period of time, you will sink deeper into yourself and embrace yourself more fully. All floor poses, such as windshield wipers, Supta Badda Konasana, Apanasana and more.


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