Inversion immersion: an upside down practice

This is a “pure” practice/immersion of inversions with only a minimal amount of technical instruction. This class is designed for people who already have a practice of inversions and wish to try some variations to explore them further and is great if you combine it with another class (suggestions below). Set your mind in the right place with a little philosophical introduction of Why we invert in Yoga? And then we get right into it. Two Sun Salutation variations get us warmed up and then we have three inversion poses with variations: Headstand, Handstand and Shoulder stand. Please watch the brief instructions before each pose for an idea of the variations and then just follow along with David’s words, especially for Shoulder Stand where you should NEVER turn your head to the side, especially not to look at the computer screen!  For more technique on these poses, just look around the site and find technique… this is for you to be in the poses! *Props - Blanket or Pad for shoulder stand Suggested classes to take Before this class: Standing Strong or Wake Something Up


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