Numerous variations of reclined twists

In this session you will practice various reclined twists in order for you to discover which twist does wonders for your spine. As everyone has a different body, different bones and different tension, nobody experiences a yoga pose in the same way. You will be able to find out which pose or poses, with or without props give you the most release in your spine, chest, shoulders, hips and neck. You will start calming your mind and do Kegel exercises to work your pelvic floor. Jos茅 explains what the effects are of different Kegel exercises. Then you start to release tensions in your whole back by twisting and bending. This session will leave you feeling energetic, detoxified and opened up at the same time. Everyone can benefit from this session - also great for women who had a baby. Needed props: belt, blanket, blocks, bolster and/or pillow.


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