Go with the flow - music Vinyasa

Step into the flowing river of movement and breath… and remember the stillness inside. We start this flow practice seated to awaken the spine and then grow from there. Standing waves that move forward and backward, up and down, right and left… every way the river flows. And always return home to source, the still sacred space inside. There are challenging poses here, but modify them! There are flows to get lost in… so do it! There is joy and pleasure here… find it.

Music by: PRAFUL MYSTIC: http://www.prafulmusic.com/music/ (Albums: Om for Yoga, Breathing Love, Mirror of the Heart, Into Being)

GENERAL FUZZ: http://generalfuzz.com/ (Albums: miles tones, Soulful Fulfilling, bonus, oughta see)

KAREEM RAÏHANI: http://shiningmusic.bandcamp.com/ (Albums: Hi Tech Roots)


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