Mindful mellow flow 5 with music

The fifth installment of this Mellow Flow series is a beautiful dance complete with music to support the flow… and a mindset of ‘uncoiling the serpent’ to keep it mellow and mindful. We circle the spine in almost every direction in this dance starting on the floor and then working our way to the feet. Flow through standing poses and hip openers with wave like fashion to awaken and elevate the energies within. Get ready to dance on the inside and free your mind and body

AVI ADIR:  Albums: Divine Music for Meditation, Boomerang Dream, Woods Whistling

PRAFUL MYSTIC: Albums: Where Spirits Live, Into Being)

GENERAL FUZZ:  Albums: miles tones, Soulful Fulfilling, Into Being,

DAVID LUREY: Savasana Serenades



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