Move with groove music flow

Come along and join the party… a Move and Groove festival synchronised to a great playlist featuring some musical friends (find links below for their music!). Warm up with some standard sun salute variations before we get to the core of the matter with strength and power in the legs and abs. A few fun arm balances to keep it exciting, like Eka Pada Koundinyasa and Forearm Balance keep the fire alive. A handful of balance poses to get back to stability and then a soft landing to the floor to groove some more. Expect a little of everything in this class that moves.

PRAFUL MYSTIC: Albums: Mirror of the Heart, The Remixes

GENERAL FUZZ: Albums: miles tones, Soulful Fulfilling, bonus, oughta see 

KAREEM RAÏHANI: Albums: Hi Tech Roots

DAVID LUREY: May I Remember – FREE download!


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