Riding the restorative river

Wow… you are in for a treat.  Find a hot water bottle and the other props listed below. Turn down the lights, light some incense and TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!  This journey down the restorative river is not only a gift for your body, but a present for your spirit and healing.  David leads you into the poses, including placement of the hot water bottle, then guides you through imagery and sensations to cleanse and heal on many levels.  A true delight with a gorgeous soundtrack from musical friends. If you like the music, please support the artists from their websites rather than iTunes. Props needed: bolster, blankets (at least 2), belt, blocks (2), hot water bottle. Music: AVI ADIR (Albums:  Woods Whistling, Divine Music for Meditation); PRAFUL MYSTIC (Albums:  Where Spirits Live, Into Being); ONENESS SOUND; DAVID LUREY: Savasana Serenades on my website


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