First trimester pregnancy yoga

This Yin-Yang session is meant for pregnant women in their first trimester. You will start with deep belly breathing to give your baby all the oxygen and attention it needs. Followed by a Yang yoga part which consists of gentle movements, that will enhance the blood circulation and will help release build up tension in the hips, shoulders and torso. In the Yin part you will relax into poses which will release tension in the legs, hips and back. In both the Yin and Yang part you want to stay attuned with what you feel. If in any moment you feel pain, dizzyness or nausea take a moment to rest and breath. If you have less time to practice, you can leave out certain parts/poses. Different options are given for each pose, so you can adapt them to your needs. This is a great practice to connect with and feel your baby and at the same time take care of yourself.


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