Flow along with David through a Musical Journey of body, mind and soul. This class begins quite gentle on the floor with calming music to 'drop in' then goes through a variety of standing waves with lunges, twists, backbends, hip openers, side bends and even an arm balance! A little of everything. The manipulation of the spine goes along with the music to free tension from the central axis and the end of the class is a nice relaxation with hip opening and a final Yin pose (Bananasana) to let the final songs carry you away. All the music is either from David Lurey CDs (The Global Bhakti Project & Savasana Serenades... available digitally or real CDs here:  http://www.findbalance.net/store/ ) and the other songs are from Kareen Raïhani ( https://shiningmusic.bandcamp.com/ )  

Part of the Stretch your comfort zone program


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