Stop trying to relax!

An exploration of what it really means to be present. Jeff invites us to let go of all our future goals, including even our goals of 'relaxation', 'healing' or 'being present', and to embrace the present moment exactly as it is! The mind will turn anything (including 'relaxation') into a goal, a future scene in the movie of our lives, somewhere to 'get to'. It can become very stressful, trying to relax! Healing always involves returning to the present moment, honoring it, bowing to it, whatever shape it takes. Jeff explains that being present does not mean that you instantly feel better, or pain instantly goes away, or tension immediately disappears. This expectation can lead to much disappointment. Being present could actually result in more intense sensations, more powerful feelings. Sometimes you have to ALLOW yourself to feel more tense, before relaxation happens. Presence makes no distinction between tension and relaxation; it allows them both. This realization can provide huge relief. Jeff offers an invitation to remember how vast you are, how much life you can hold, how huge your heart is! 

Part of the "Falling in love with where you are" program


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