Handstand with partner - wrists and arm awareness

In order to do a handstand it is very helpfull to have awareness of how to align three important areas of your body: your wrists and arms, shoulders and your core. Just like when you are building a house in a steady way, you need to start with the fundament, and then build the rest on top of that. When making handstands, the fundament are the wrists (hands) and then the arms, and then we build on top of that the shoulders and then the spine, then the legs are the last to follow. When you are able to do a tripod headstand free in the room, you are ready for this handstand class.
This class focusses on awareness wrists and arms in the handstand with the help of a partner. We start with a few simple arm & wrists preparation exercises on the mat, we continue with partner exercises that help you to understand more how to use the wrists in a handstand and we finish in a handstand with the support of your partner.


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