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Dieke Bikker

Teacher: Dieke Bikker


Exploring the body on all levels; anatomically and energetically, and finding the deeper meaning of body/mind/spirit connection has fascinated Dieke for as long as she can remember.

After becoming a professional movement therapist, Dieke started to explore more deeply the meaning of emotional, spiritual and psychological processes through studying meditation, counselling, Thai massage, AcroYoga, women’s work, yoga and nutrition.

Dieke’s main focus has been with Thai massage and AcroYoga, which she has been passionately sharing and teaching for 8 years throughout the Netherlands and Europe. It is a great blessing for Dieke to share her most loved practices blended in a form of Yoga that involves partner work, massage and AcroYoga. This all with the goal to find deep fulfillment, personal growth and more awareness.

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