Easy peasy detox for women

If you're in need of more stability and ease in your life and are looking for a way to make small adjustments in your life that will have a huge effect, this class is for you. Here you'll find some gentle detox advice and thoughts on lifestyle changes plus a complete yoga practice that'll enhance fertility, make your menstrual cycles smoother, or help you to find balance in menopause. This class combines information on cleansing, caring for yourself with love and a strong yet gentle practice with hip openers, twists and breathing exercises. If you're pregnant or menstruating, take it easy in this class and skip the breathing exercises and deep twists. Also, don't use castor oil when you're pregnant or menstruating.聽

There's a blog post to accompany this class with a recipe for Kitchadi, an Ayurvedic dish, and how you can use it for a detox. Read: Easy detox Kitchadi recipe


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