Pregnancy yoga: Making space for baby

Before you begin please read Sandra's article Prenatal yoga: tips for new and experienced yoginis

Have blocks, a chair and a bolster handy for this class. As you progress with your pregnancy and your baby grows inside you, the space that is available for the two of you, will get limited. This class will focus on making more space for your baby and also for you!  By getting longer and opening up the upper body, more capacity will be freed. Your lungs will open up, and you will experience a deeper breath as your shoulders and upper back open up more, A big focus on establishing a deep and full breath to help you feel roomy in the second and third trimester but also helpful for more energy in your first trimester.  With Horse stance breath, Urdhva Hastasana / Upward Hand Pose, Parsvakonasana  / Extended Side Angle Pose, Prasarita Padottanasana / Wide-legged forward fold, Upavista Konasana / Seated wide legged forward fold and more.


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