Build your inner sanctuary

Most of us want the same thing: to feel at peace and at ease, and we imagine our yoga or meditation practice as being a time when we immediately connect with our more peaceful selves. However, as I’m sure you know, this isn’t always the case, and we often start our practice in a negative or anxious state of mind. Therefore in this practice you will learn the technique of building an ‘inner sanctuary’ – a place within you that you can visit, whenever, to immediately feel a sense of 'ok-ness'. Join Sandra as James guides her through a complete yoga nidra practice that focuses on developing this internal sanctuary (an ‘inner resource’). We will take a slow and detailed body-scan to bring about a feeling of being intimately connected with our bodies, and then rest in feelings of well-being, peacefulness and ease as we tap into our true nature of open, spacious presence. [Please note, the yoga nidra practice starts at 08.23 but we recommend you listen to the talk at least once to understand the practice properly.]

Part of the Yoga Nidra program and the 'Eight Limbs of Yoga' Program


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