The universe exists in vibration

The Universe exists in vibration. This fact of science gives the Yogi information that all things in the universe, including our bodies, thoughts and energies are also vibration and can thus be manipulated. This short lecture brings up the concepts and questions of how we use body awareness to explore the roots of our actions and looking deeper to see how the roots of our thoughts affect the world we live in. When we can find ways to positively create vibrations in the world, we are surrounded by them. If we surround ourselves with ‘negative’ vibrations then are surrounded by them too! With clear and conscious thought and especially using Mantra chanting as a way to harmonize our vibrations with the divine, we find ourselves surrounded by divine energy more and more.

Explore this further in the mantra class - Om Hrim Namah Shivaya

Part of the 12 Days of Yoga Inspiration program


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