Classical shoulderstand sequence

This advanced inversion sequence of Shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana) and variations is for students who already practice shoulder stands due to the long time in the pose. Please find another sequence to warm up your body and prepare for these poses before spending the time upside down. Once there, you will experience a long hold of straight shoulderstand followed by a variety of leg variations in halasana. The final pieces are side bends & twists of Parsva Sarvangasana with legs straight and in lotus pose. ** PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO BEFORE PRACTICING THE SEQUENCE - After you are familiar with the poses visually, the verbal guidance through the video will bring you through the sequence. Remember to NEVER turn your head to the side while practicing Shoulderstand, especially not to watch the video!! The shoulders and neck are strong enough to support you in the neutral position, but adding rotation could cause some problems. This class also works on Visshudha chakra (throat).


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