More advanced dropbacks

Warning: This is for advanced students only with no injuries in back, neck and shoulders. In this short Yoga class we are exploring some backbends form Sarvangasana. Starting with Sarvangasana and some forward bends like Ekapada Sarvangasana and Halasana. Next, we energize ourselves with Chakrasana - from Sarvangasana to Uttanasana - and Karnapidasana. Followed by a sequence of Padma-Sarvangasana and Garbhapindasana in Sarvangasana. The focus of the practice is dropbacks to Setubandhasana, Setubandha-Sarvangasana from Sarvangasana. Finally, some more advanced backbends are explored like Ekapada-Setubandhasana and Ekapada-Setubandha-Sarvangasana.


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