Breathe and free the mind

Did you know that 70% of the toxins in the body are removed through the lungs? This class is a 'homage' to the breath - essential to life. We start with a 'finger tapping breath', breathing in four times through the nose and out four times through the mouth, whilst at the same time tapping the fingers with the thumbs. This is a nice exercise to start your mornings with while walking outside (thanks to Tony Robbins for making this breathing exercise so popular again!). We follow this with another breathing exercise called the 'connected breath' (circular breathing) which is a very gentle in-and-out breath. We also do some gentle side stretches ending with a meditation on the floor to bring awareness into the body. We do both breathing exercises for about three minutes. If you experience resistance this may well be an unfelt emotion, so this is your chance to feel that emotion and to let it go. As we free ourselves from tension and old emotions, we free our mind. I hope you enjoy this breathing work!


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