Yin and surrender in the moment

A Yin practice to help you to surrender to the moment and let go of running and doing. We start with Butterfly pose to聽calm the system, then move into Half Saddle pose (this is a quite a challenging pose so please take it easy). We take a twist then into Sphinx and Seal pose, a forward bend and a spinal twist on the floor. This Yin sequence helps you to move the spine in all its directions, especially great after sitting or standing all day. Remember not to force any pose - there is nothing to prove. Your only 'job' is to feel and to observe. Being gentle to yourself helps you to be more gentle to others and that is what we all need :-) Props needed: a blanket and a bolster. Tip: If you'd like some music to help you deepen your relaxation, you can try my Spotify playlist: https://spoti.fi/2DJJKjb


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