Effortless meditation postures

Is sitting in meditation difficult for you because of a sore back, sleepy legs, painful knees or any other physical discomfort? Then this talk is for you. Jos茅 offers practical anatomical information, which will help you understand what creates difficulty when sitting for a longer period of time while meditating, and which adjustments or poses you can do to avoid this. You'll learn that the best meditation position for you is influenced by the natural curves of your spine, the tilt of your pelvis, the position of your legs and the use of your torso muscles. When you are positioned correctly - firstly adapting the sitting poses to your body (skeleton) and secondly slightly engaging your back, belly and pelvic floor muscles to avoid 'hanging' in your back - it's possible to sit for long periods of time without pain or too much muscular effort. This information can alleviate your frustration and sheds light on the assumption that Lotus Pose is the meditation pose to aim for.


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