The great unravelling (Yang)

This investigative practice is a great morning wake up if you’re not feeling ready to jump around, or an evening wind-down to release stress. 'Unravelling' defines the act of ‘undoing or untwisting’ something… like tension in the body. Looking at ways in which tension can be useful or not, this class starts on the floor with some rolling around and we work a lot with hip rotation and "reaching" from thereon in. There is a movement in the standing balance where we rotate around the hip joint from Half Moon to folding twist - be sure to keep ‘ascending energy’ or a lift so you don't collapse in the hip joint.  Also, the final rolling around to Shoulder stand should done with great awareness. This is Part I of II and is the more 'Yang' version of unravelling. Try the 'The great unravelling (Yin)' class here.


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