Stillness in posture, stillness in mind

A practice which challenges you physically, but also challenges the nature of the mind. By definition, yoga is the ultimate connection with our higher selves, with the manifest and unmanifest universe. But how often does our yoga practice become like an exercise, to be completed and then let go of? Give yourselves the opportunity to fully explore all of the different aspects of being through your practice; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Instead of the yoga distracting you from day to day life, let it reveal your tendencies and life patterns so that you may invite the changes to flow and unfold with the universe. The class begins with a few moments sitting, moving through Warrior 1 and Tree pose, all held for a little longer. Once down on the mat, experience stillness in Staff posture, Bound Angle posture and finally, Bridge. We conclude the class with a short and soothing relaxation.


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