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Andrew Wrenn

Teacher: Andrew Wrenn

" Yoga is more and more about sharing love to me, that sparkle" 

'There is this beautiful line from Keats saying: "Beauty is truth, truth is beauty. That's all we need to know." And that's it.' - Andrew

Andrew is a British Wheel of Yoga–trained teacher based in the north of England. He has developed influences from the Iyengar and Ashtanga traditions into a unique fusion of breath-coordinated movement and classical postures that promote strength, flexibility, and balance, culminating in a practice adaptable to all abilities.

Having a background based in biology and a interest in different philosophical systems, Andrew discovered the benefits of yogic practice ten years ago. A life-long asthmatic, he turned to the yogic breathing techniques when his doctor prescribed stronger medication for the condition.

Instead of increasing the medication, Andrew is now almost totally free from the symptoms and medication. For the past ten years he has maintained a daily practice, with a profoundly positive effect on his physical and mental well-being.

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Andrew continues to develop his practice and understanding of the principles and philosophy of Yoga by exploring different approaches such as studying Kalari Piat (a Yoga-based martial art) and attending retreats lead by international teacher Clive Sheridan.

Learn more about Andrew is this interview


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