Practice non striving in our mindfulness meditations

In this fast world and goal driven society it is difficult to cultivate an attitude of curiousity and friendlyness that's benificial for our meditations. Let's dive a bit deeper and explore the mindfulness principle of 'non striving'.

You could say that the mind when it's analising, comparing, planning and assessing that it's actually the Mind at work, but a busy mind is not helpful during a meditation. We can recognise this 'doing mode of mind' as thinking and it are those thoughts that pull you away from the here and now. How would it be if there is nothing to achieve during a meditation. Do a practice just for the sake of doing it, without expecting any results out of it? When we can train the mind to anchor at the breath and be more in the present moment we can open up for new experiences and being with whatever is here and now. Can you lower your expectations and recognise that the journey towards is valuable on it's self. Even when the mind wanders off, even when thoughts or emotions are distracting you, even when the breath feels shallow or uncomfortable. There is nothing you need to do, accept this moment fully, just as it is, pleasant or unpleasant.

For your practice you can set an intention. Set this intention not from the mind, let these words arise from a deeper level e.g.; Today I realise truth. Or: May I be peaceful. Or: May I accept the things I cannot change. Or maybe you have a personal intention or word that is a reminder to be easy on yourself. Let this intention be a reminder for what we are actually doing here, we're meditating and exploring different sensations with a 'being mode of mind'.

George is leading a more silent mindfulness meditation of 30 minutes.


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