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George Langenberg

Teacher: George Langenberg


George is a mindfulness teacher and trainer in Amsterdam. He teaches adults, school teachers, children and teenagers.

George’s journey into yoga started in 1998 when he took his first Iyengar yoga class but it really took off when he travelled to India and started meditating there. In 2001 he received Kriya Yoga initiation. Under the guidance of his beloved Guruji, Kriya Yoga is still his path. George started teaching yoga and meditation in 2003 but soon discovered that the Western mind needs more context to be able to learn meditation. 

What will you do when emotions overrule. How will you meditate when you are sad or angry?

Through mindfulness George learned that it’s fundamental to have insight into our thought patterns and reactive behaviour. Mindfulness is not a meditation practice that you do on your cushion to train the mind, it will give you practical tools that are beneficial for daily life. Through mindfulness you will learn that your mindset defines your attitude. And that our thoughts, emotions and physical sensations relate to one another.


"Often we have so many presumptions; about other people, about the world or how things should be and also about ourselves. This is how we put stress upon ourselves. It’s often the reason why we feel worked-up and are not able to slow down. What if you could experience this moment non-judgementally? What if you could focus on the breath, relax and reconnect, even when tense? What else can you do other than accept this moment fully, just as it is?


George has developed a mindfulness school curriculum for children and has also written a book - 'MindfulKids HeartfulKids'. It is his wish that people who learn about mindfulness also learn to pay attention with a light touch and cultivate more friendliness. Through acceptance, mindfulness can open our hearts and mind and helps us to move towards more self-acceptance.

George lives in Haarlem where he teaches yoga and meditation. He’s deepening his study of body, mind and soul through Traditional Chinese Medicine. He works as an acupuncturist in his own studio. For more information or to book an appointment visit

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