George Langenberg

George is a meditation teacher, mindfulness trainer and acupuncturist. He practises Kriya yoga where chakra meditation, combined with devotion and Pranayama, "unites the Self with the Godly".

He sees the path of yoga as a journey into deep meditation and has studied meditation under the guidance of his beloved Guruji for over 18 years. Whether working with acupuncture clients or trainee teachers it’s George’s wish for people to learn that contemplation is essential to understand the whys and hows in our lives:

When you can befriend your body, soften your mind and go easy on your thoughts, eventually, you’ll discover that feelings and emotions come and go; that peace of mind is possible.

This world is so wonderful, information is everywhere, and there are countless ways to gain knowledge and understanding. But choose wisely; you can only do so much. Especially learn how to be still and listen to your heart’s song. This can be a sad song, but don’t worry about that too much. Many people tend to like sad songs.

George encourages his students to find ways to enjoy this precious life; to look around and have an open mind. Things may seem crazy, or people strange but some come on your path to help, to learn or to have fun with. Enjoy the ride together. Try not to get stuck in judgemental thinking about others as these thoughts often turn towards you. The adage ‘move your body and your mind will follow’ works the other way around too.

George’s meditations invite you to explore more subtle realms, to ground your whole being in the body, but sense deeper and wider as you explore the breath that calms your mind. Keep observing and feel the different energies in and around your being. Maintain balance and be still, if only for a short moment:

Meditate for wellbeing and health. For peace and happiness. For yourself, for the people in your life, for the world around you.