Vast open sky - Meditation with a smile

Like a vast, open sky, the experience of open awareness is difficult to describe. It relates to the Buddhist teaching of Shunyata – often translated as ‘emptiness’ or ‘openness.’ Experiencing Shunyata at an emotional level, we might feel as if we are big enough to accommodate everything; that there’s no place for things to get stuck. If we relax our mind and stop struggling, emotions can move through us without becoming solid and proliferating. Fundamentally, experiencing openness is having trust in the living quality of basic energy. We develop the confidence to allow it to arise, to linger, and then to pass on. This energy is dynamic, ungraspable, always in a state of flux. This is a meditation inspired by a great teacher and author, Tara Brach, and I recommend you read one of her books about self compassion.


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