Third trimester breath flow

Are you in your third trimester and looking to boost your energy, strengthen your body and release tension? Then this Mixed Movement flow is for you. In the third trimester, as your baby grows and moves more, you'll probably feel more exhausted and could use an energy boost. We start with some deep belly breathing to connect you with your baby and supply you both with more oxygen. This is followed by some movements to improve blood circulation, diminish liquid retention in the joints and help avoid cramps. We then work on the stability of the pelvis to protect the lower back and practise some prenatal Sun Salutations to open up the hips, release the back and strengthen the legs. We do some twists, chest openers and side body stretches to enhance digestion and allow the breath to go deeper before finally relaxing in a guided Savasana. Throughout the sequence, stay attuned with what you feel. If at any moment you feel pain, dizziness or nausea, take a moment to rest and breathe. Different options for the poses are given so you can adapt them to your needs. Props required: bolster, pillow, blanket, blocks and a chair (to use as extra support under the hips when doing Warriors or Squats).


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