Boost your energy - prenatal second trimester flow

Do you want to strengthen your legs, tone your waist and stay fit during your second trimester? Then this continuous flow is for you.
You will start by connecting with yourself and your baby, using deep belly breathing, which enhances the circulation and gives your baby all the oxygen and attention it needs. You will then work the legs by doing various standing poses. Strong legs and hips are necessary to carry the weight of your growing belly and baby and provide you with the strength you need for delivery. You will then open up the neck, shoulders and side body to give your lungs extra space to take oxygen in and release tension. Continuing with prenatal Sun Salutations to boost energy and stamina before finally relaxing in Savasana.
Make sure you stay attuned with what you feel. If you feel pain, dizziness or nausea take a moment to rest and breathe. If you have less time to practice, just do the prenatal Sun Salutation once. This is a great practice to connect with and feel your baby, whilst at the same time taking care of yourself. Props: a bolster, pillow, blanket and blocks.


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