Rivers and tides: A music flow

In this practice, explore fluid movements in the hips, spine & shoulders in an all around movement flow.  This is a typical ‘David-style’ class starting on the floor, some Sun Salute variations, standing waves with ups and downs, a few backbends and twists and nice relaxation. This flow is strong on the knees so be extra sensitive if you have knee challenges.

Thank you to these wonderful musicians for these tracks:

Praful - Gnossienne No.3

Deep Deka - Surya Namaskar

General Fuzz - Mellow Drama

Desert Dwellers - Sunrise at Sundhu

Prem Joshua - Darbari NYC

Castanea - Synchronicity

General Fuzz - Second Thoughts

Random Rab - Infinities

Ma Ananda Sarita & Praful - Lasya Dance Alone

Hirayaki Matsuhisa - Inner Light

Stevin McNamara - Rising from Sleep

Luis Paniagua - Bonito, Bonito Regalo


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