Happy spine and open heart

Do you have limited breathing capacity? Do you tend to close your chest? Do you work a lot of hours behind the computer? Or do you just want a happy spine and heart? If so, this Yin practice is for you.聽 Right from the start you'll be invited to relax and deepen your breath in every pose. Relaxation is a great way to deepen your breath and to release physical tension in your ribcage and your diaphragm, as well as emotional stress and anxiety. You will practice Yin poses that open up the front, back and sides of your torso, and expand the ranges of movement in your spine. For all poses different options are given so you can adapt them to your possibilities. You will end with a partly guided Savasana and meditation. This session is great for everyone who wants to improve their posture, and for women who have had a baby - advisable 6 weeks to 4 months after birth. This session leaves you feel relaxed and in connection with your breath. Props needed: blanket, pillow, bolster, belt, 2 blocks.


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