Hard times practice

We all have moments in life where we are hurting. Moments that we experience physical, emotional pain or trauma. Whenever you are ready to allow yourself to let it come up, this physical practice may help. You will progress through the aspects of grounding and staying in the present. This will be your reference point and stable place when things get rough. Next, you cultivate strength, the power to help you face whatever it is you are going through, knowing that you are able to hold yourself steady. And finally spaciousness; creating the space in which your pain or hurt can surface and move. This is not a practice to "get rid" of anything, but rather a class to help you feel and hold space for yourself. It ends with a short meditation and mudra. With Sukhasana, Lunges, Pranyama and Supta Baddha Konasana. Please have a bolster and blanket ready for this practice.


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